Virus filters on 560 sow farm Germany

3-Timmerhuis airinlet with filters-1

Clarcor Virus filters placed on top of air tubes leading underground to barn

When the Dutch Timmerhuis family had to move from their home location in Bornerbroek/Almelo in the Netherlands they decided to build a brand new location one hour and a half over the border in Germany. As they developed their plans, they where asked to work as a GP farm for Detert, selling Danish gilts to the German market. In order to make sure the gilts produced stay SPF, filtering made part of the plans from day one. 

Negative pressure ventilation:
The ventilation system choosen is a centralised filtered air inlet system with tubes that run below the field with lenght of each about 20 meters. The filtered air is slidly heatened in winter time and cooled in summer time by the thermal  exchance of the ground. 

The filtered air runs underneath the rooms towards the central corridor, then it travels high toward the sealed ducts that lead to the inlet valves mounted in the insulated sealing of the rooms. The rooms are on negative pressure created by the central exhaust duct for the farrowing rooms and by three big chimney fans for the gestation room. 

Pressurized entrance and feed storage
To avoid unfilterd air from coming in the entrance from the showers/office and the storage room where the feed is prepared are presurized with filtered air from the central corridor. A small - but important - detail is the tube that takes filtered air to be used by the feeding system to blow portions of feed to each feed valve in the house.