European family at EPP congress in Parma

The European Pig Producers congress in Parma proofed to be a gathering of very pleasant and easy going people. As first time attendees both Nico Smits and myself were welcomed immediately by long-time members of this large European family of pig producers and representatives from the agri-industry. It was a nice talking to all these motivated entrepreneurs that are decided to stay and grow in this rapidly changing industry.

To stay and grow in these challenging times is not easy. Animal welfare and environmental issues and the reduction of the use of antibiotics are only a few of the requirements these producers have been faced with and have dealt with. In a joint effort agri business and early adapters in the industry develop systems that comply with the requirements imposed. A system that has most success is a system that also brings economic improvement to the farmer. Virus filtration of incoming air is such a system: keeping PRRSv and Mycoplasma out leads to healthier pigs which will lead to lower veterinary costs and a better price for the weaned piglet as fattening farms are willing to pay considerably more for them. During the nice diners and sometimes long bus rides in between the visits of this years EPP congress we had many opportunities to talk about filtering and always found people interested.

To become a member of this warm family of leading European Pig Producers is sought after by many suppliers to the industry. The well kept ratio of 2/3 farmers and 1/3 representatives from agri-business leads to interesting constructions. Agri-business representatives from countries with an already well developed local branch, become member of a branch in a country with a branch that still is small. With the strong on export depending Dutch agribusiness I shook hands of many EPP-ers I thought were German or Belgium, but turned out to have the same nationality as myself.

With plans to also set up an Italian branch after this successful congress in Parma I might do the same. On the other hand I can imagine Clarcor won’t might sponsoring the next edition of the annual EPP-congress in Brugge / Belgium…

Clarcor to sponsor EPP congress in Parma-Italy

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Clarcor Virus Filtration is sponsoring this years EPP congress in Italy. From Thursday 22th to Saturday 24th of May both Nico Smits from Triple Air, Clarcor’s master distributor for Europe, and Gilles van der Lans from Alcet Nederland, will participate in the congress and represent Clarcor as one of the sponsors. Around 250 pig producers from all over Europe and suppliers to the industry will gather those days to discuss opportunities in the swine industry. 

The European Pig Producers  (EPP) is a A network of leading pig producers to exchange experience and knowledge. Founded in January 1990 in Herning, Denmark, the Club serves mainly as a technical, economic and social forum for pig producers in European countries.

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