Alcet and Animal Virus Filters
As of august 2012 we are also involved Animal Virus Filtration. We support Triple Air Animal Virus Air Filtration selling their filter solutions to our worldwide customers.

„ You either filter all incoming air, or you accept the health status of the animals of your neighbor

„ Of je filtert alle inkomende lucht, of je accepteert de gezondheidstatus van de dieren van je buurtman”

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More about ALCET Nederland
ALCET Nederland v.o.f. is a international trading company and intermediary in the field of agriculture in the widest meaning of the word. Export is our passion and has been what we have done for the last 25 years. We have done business in countries all over the world, but main markets are the pig, poultry and mushroom industry in 
Italy and many countries in Africa

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